Chernobyl Kush (80% Sativa / 20% IndicaTHC: 16% – 22%)

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Strain Name: Chernobyl Kush

Grade: A++

Type: 60% sativa 40%indica

Looks:medium sized tight buds..a beautiful light green soo covered in trichomes the buds appear white with orange hairs popping out periodically..gorgeous bud.

Smell:has a very distinct strong catpiss like smell with undertones of citrus and lime..truly a very pleasing funky smelling bud..deff one of my favorites.

Tastehas such a smooth deep flavor that resembles the smell very much..I got a very nice lemony flavor on the inhale and a earthy smooth dank taste on the exhale..this taste lingers very nicely on the pallet.

Effects2 – 3 hours


Good Strain ForThis strain is a personal favorite and I always keep it on me..I found this strain worked great with stomach issues and pain relief..but in my opinion a great strain for anything and a must try.