Pineapple kush (THC: 1% – 3%, CBD: 15%)

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Strain Name: Pineapple Kush

Grade: A+ Top Shelf

TypeIndica Dominant Hybrid

Looks: A++) As you can see from the picture, I didn’t even need good lighting to make this lady look sexy!

Smell: A+) Smells like citrus fruit. Very pungent

Taste: A+) Tastes very tangy and fruity; very similar taste to Mango Kush

Effects: This is a great Evening strain for winding down. If you want to enhance evening activities, this is the strain for you!

Potency: A+) VERY POTENT Do not go strait for the bong on this one, or its lights out! The effects are felt immediately on exhale.


Good Strain For: Stress, Lack of Apatite, Muscle Spasms



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