Nepalese Temple Balls (55%-80% THC. )

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Once you light it, everyone in the area knows you have some HIGH QUALITY ol’skool hashish. One bloke walked up to me and told me it flashed him back to Nepal in the early 70’s. I explained that it was from Stix which was located right behind the Nieuwmarkt where we were enjoying the sun. He thanked me and was off immediately to score!


Have a cold bevy ready to accompany a fat joint; I was hit so hard by the peppery-woody flav and the numbness that in the throat that followed! You can really feel the oils nearly “dripping” down… There is nothing on earth like the taste of the finest high-altitude Nepalese hashish.


“Blows the mind, cools the head” is what the Nepalese “wrapper” says! YES-I. This hashish has you buzzing-floating around! Like a happy stoned-little bee, you feel relaxed yet uplifted. Overall, it makes for a very positive experience, and one with mild visuals that lasts for a considerably long time as compared to some other darks I have encountered in the past.

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 Temple balls are high in THC, and depending on the strain of flower used to make them, can contain between 55%-80% THC. That’s a whole lot of the good stuff! They are quite sticky, making it a somewhat difficult concentrate to handle. Temple balls are best enjoyed in a glass pipe, or scattered on top of some flower in a joint. These smoking methods help to contain what can quickly become a sticky mess.


This is the type of hash that legends are made of. The shiny skin oozes with such a high oil content, you�d think it was a Bubble-ator hash!These pieces are gooey and gorgeous. Rolled into tiny thin strips, it bends easily before breaking to show its gorgeous structured interior. As you see, from the photos at right, the gear was prepared in kilo-blocks with the authentic and colorful “stamped” package.